Are you facing Rejections in Interviews?

* Are you faltering, losing confidence & getting nervous at interviews?

* Are you unable to understand the reason behind these rejections?

* Are you losing out on great job offers?

90% of Candidates get rejected due to lack of Soft Skills, Confidence & Communication

Autogram Mock Interviews

Autogram Mock Interviews

Autogram Mock interview is an online video interview where you can practice real-life job interview questions typically asked by Company HRs in the interview rounds, hence giving a candidate an excellent head-start with their interview preparation. See More Autogram Mock Interviews will help a candidate in preparing for a specific domain, role or a company. Starting from HR, Finance, Aviation all the way to Marketing, we cover almost every domain! Hide Content

Benefits of Autogram Mock Interviews

Benifit 1
Practice real interview questions
Benifit 2
Improve Confidence & Communication Skills
Benifit 3
Get Feedback & Tips to improve Soft Skills
Benifit 4
Reduce chances of Rejection by 70%
Benifit 5
View and share Interview Link

Easy steps to give an Autogram Mock Interview

Be well-prepared & Groomed

Fill the form and start video interview

Record your answers & Submit

Download the Interview and share with peers

The Autogram Feedback Report

An Autogram Feedback Report gives a complete review of a candidate's skill set based on the mock interviews given by him / her. The report elaborately covers all aspects including presentation, language, confidence, creativity and a holistic soft-skill map to highlight strengths & weaknesses of the candidate.
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Advantages of The Autogram Report

Benifit 2
Get feedback from an industry expert
Benifit 2
Know your strengths & Weaknesses
Benifit 2
Practice & Improve Autogram Score
Benifit 2
Better Autogram Scores, Better Jobs

Mock Interview helped candidates land excellent jobs!

Testimonial 1

Aashish Ray

I managed to get a job from autogram and personally feel that it is the best platform to showcase your talent. I thank autogram team for it's support and help in the nourishment of my career.

Testimonial 3

Sumedh Mishra

Fascinating to see such business innovation evoking in front of my eyes. Amazing job portal service for India.

Testimonial 4

Bikash Kumar

This app is very useful to face yourself, because we don't know what mistakes we done in front of the technical and hr round, what is our facial expression, why they reject me ,why they hire us, and by this, This app works as a mirror of yours.

Testimonial 5

Ankita Roy Chowdhury

This is a great way of expressing yourself in a resume which means so much more than just a piece of paper. It was an amazing experience using this app. Loved it.

Testimonial 6


Really awesome app. It was a good experience for me as I was beginner for Online Interview. Really awesome.

Testimonial 7


It's really help for freshers as well as who doesn't get any chance for getting job for less data.thank you aditya sir for the workshop..

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Meet our Industry Experts!

Expert 1

Vivek Bajaj

Entrepreneur in the domain of Fintech and Edtech

CA, IIM & Founder of Kredent Academy

Expert 2

Ajay Sharma

Entrepreneur in the domain of HRtech and Edtech

IIT, IIM, Investment Banker & Co-Founder of Autogram

Expert 3

Ajay Trehan

Founder and CEO at AuthBridge

IIT Delhi

Expert 4

Rupesh Jain

Managing Director - South East Asia Cluster at Maersk Singapore Pte Ltd

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